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Lies You Doctor Tells You (Surgery Edition)

May 9, 2019

Today’s topic:

More lies the medical world is telling you…

The lie we’ll be covering today is that all surgeries are safe and have been found to be necessary.

Here’s the deal, there are no requirements in this country to deem a surgery safe. In fact, millions of surgeries have been done throughout the years that have been medically unnecessary. 

And that’s exactly why were seeing such a high increase in patients who are requiring more surgeries and the use of opiates and other pain pills just to get through life.

All because they were talked into having surgery when they didn’t actually need it.

You may be wondering…

Why would I be recommended a surgery if I didn’t need it?

The cold hard truth is, surgery is a cash cow in the medical world.

Most surgeries can net a hospital hundreds of thousands of dollars (remember, it is a business.) And that’s why so many people are being pushed into them when they don’t need them. 

So, if you’re reading this, suffering from pain, and you don’t want surgery…

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