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Facing A Knee Replacement?

April 25, 2019

I want to share a story with you about a patient I recently met.

She had a knee replacement.

She’s a younger patient, in her 50’s and it was the first thing she’d ever had wrong with her. She never took any medications, never had any issues… until she had that knee replaced. 

And in her own words… “It’s the worst decision I’ve ever made.”


Well, two years post surgery and she’s not been able to walk. Shes developed severe nerve damage in the entire leg. She says it feels like her leg is on fire the entire day. Her foot is completely numb and her muscles are wasting, getting weaker and smaller every day. 

Shes been living the last two years of her life on pain pills… all because of that surgery. 

If you’re facing the decision to get a knee replacement and this is story you don’t want to live out, get all the options available to you first.

Come see us at Advanced Medical and let us explain all other options besides knee replacement surgery that could benefit you.

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To your health,

Dr. Richards 

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