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Welcome to the Advanced Medical of Nashville Blog!

May 3, 2018

Welcome to the Advanced Medical of Nashville blog! As one of the few neuropathy treatment centers in Nashville — and in the country — that takes a natural approach to treating not only the symptoms of nerve pain disorders, but also the underlying causes of various neuropathies, our doctors, practitioners, and staff are dedicated to providing our patients with effective, non-invasive, personalized care. We have developed an innovative, FDA-approved approach to treating nerve disorders and restoring nerve function naturally. Our compassionate and knowledgeable neuropathy specialists are committed to diagnosing and treating the cause and symptoms of your pain so that you can get back to living your life to its fullest — without suffering from nerve pain. Follow the link to our Meet the Team page and get to know our elite team of friendly doctors and support staff.  

As Nashville’s Top Rated Local® neuropathy treatment center, we believe that educating our patients and readers in Tennessee, Kentucky, and beyond about neuropathy is essential to their healing and overall health. Therefore, we will use our blog space to post regular articles focusing on relevant topics that may help you better understand nerve pain disorders, the causes, the treatments, and how you can manage pain and other symptoms at home in addition to the treatments you are receiving with our doctors. Beyond our peripheral neuropathy treatments, our team of specialists provides effective, drug-free, non-surgical treatments to treat such conditions as sciatica, joint pain, and chronic knee pain. We also provide stem cell treatments for injury recovery and pain relief, and to treat a variety of painful health conditions, neurological disorders, and illnesses. Below are some of the blog posts related to these and other relevant topics which our readers and patients can look forward to reading in the future.

Understanding Peripheral Neuropathy and Neuropathy Treatments

We will post articles relating to all things neuropathy and nerve pain treatments to educate you about the numerous (more than 100) types of peripheral neuropathies that we treat. This can help you better understand neuropathy disorders caused by:

  • Injury or trauma such as auto, sports, and work injuries, personal injuries, surgical procedures, broken bones, and overuse of body parts.
  • Illnesses and health conditions such as diabetes (diabetic neuropathy), neurological disorders, cancer, chemotherapy treatments, autoimmune disorders, neuromas (tumors), and infections.
  • Exposure to toxins, including but not limited to industrial and environmental toxins, medication, and heavy or extended alcohol consumption.

Additionally, we will discuss the common symptoms of various neuropathies, and self-care treatment options that you can apply to your daily routine to relieve pain and any associated symptoms.

Pain Relief Treatments

Along with our neuropathy treatment, we provide safe and effective sciatic pain relief, pain relief for extremities and chronic knee pain, and joint pain relief without the use of drugs or surgery. We will discuss common causes, symptoms, treatments, and pain management techniques for these and other conditions, as well.    

Health and Wellness Tips and Advice

Because your overall health and wellness are essential to your healing, recovery, and nerve restoration treatments, we will share insights into ways you can implement healthy habits into your daily practices to enhance your whole health. We will discuss such topics as nutritional health, exercise, alternative therapies, and so much more. We will also explore associated symptoms and how you can manage these at home in conjunction with the treatments you receive at our pain treatment center.

Interesting Facts and Histories

There have been many remarkable innovations in pain treatments based on natural medicine in recent years, but it is always interesting to explore their early beginnings and developments in the medical field throughout history. Therefore, we will explore the history of illnesses and treatments to educate you on the foundations of our medical practices, specialties, and treatments. We will also discuss related facts to a variety of nerve disorders, illnesses, pain conditions, and therapies.

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These are just a few of the topics you can look forward to reading on our blog. As your Top Rated Local® neuropathy treatment center in Nashville, our goal is to educate and inform you about our treatments, health and wellness, and ways to improve your health. Join us for our upcoming blog posts to learn more about peripheral neuropathy and the benefits of our natural and effective neuropathy treatment in Nashville. If you or someone you love is suffering from nerve pain, give our treatment center a call today to schedule a consultation with our amazing and caring team of nerve specialists at Advanced Medical of Nashville.

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