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Stem Cell Treatment

Stem Cell Therapy and Treatment

Today Is The Opportunity to Change Your Life

The Uniqueness of Stem Cells

Stem Cells are very unique in how they function.  They can easily transform in may other types of cells in the body such as bone, cartilage, muscle, and tendon. They also bring other stem cells to the treatment area to help with repairing injuries in the body.

Advanced Medical offers the non-invasive, no surgery all natural healing treatment option to help patients heal and repair injuries to the body, cartilage, cartilage degeneration, knee, hip, back, and neck. It is an innovation in natural treatment that can help you get your life back.

Today is a day to be excited, because you finally have a chance to FEEL BETTER, END THE NEVER-ENDING PAIN CYCLE and GET YOUR LIFE BACK!

Stem Cell Therapy is a non-invasive approach to healing injured parts of the body.

  • Get out of pain.
  • Regain your health.
  • Maximize your health for the rest of their lives.

What about surgery? Couldn’t I get surgery instead to help my body?

  • Surgery causes pain.
  • 3-6 months of healing and rehabilitation time.
  • No guarantee of result.
  • High percentage of failure and complications.
  • 50% or more will need additional surgery.
  • Total Average Cost for Uncomplicated Case
    = $55,000.00.  Much comes out of deductible.
  • What’s the cost of your lost time, function, pain and suffering?

The 4 main reasons that stem cell therapy is a solution:

  1. Stem Cells only work if you GET THEM.
  2. You’re best chance of improvement is right now.  Things get worse over time.
  3. Life is about happiness and living.  The better you feel the happier you’ll be.
  4. There is nothing more important than your health.  Not your car, not your house, not anything.  It’s no longer necessary to be in pain and unhealthy. Think of how happy you’re loved ones will be when you feel better.

Stem Cell Therapy offers hope and healing!  Get YOUR life back without painful surgery and costly drugs!

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From Our Patients

“I am sooooo blessed! Advanced Medical has literally changed my life! I have had to resort to pain medication for years from the pain in my feet from Neuropathy! That alone is a draining challenge for anyone who is truly suffering with chronic pain. I was told before that I will just get worse and eventually they would have to amputate! WOAH! No way jose! I have already started weaning off of the pain meds, at 23 treatments, and the pain in GONE! ‘Chronic pain’ means you’ll have the ‘disease’ forever in the (traditional) medical world. That is not my world anymore! Miracles do happen! Advanced Medical has empowered me. Thank you!!”

Kim D.

“My feet used to hurt so bad most days, I couldn’t hardly walk, especially up and down stairs. My hands hurt every day as well. I am now walking up and down stairs easier after 5 weeks (at AMN). My hands and feet are less painful and I am not taking Gabapentin anymore either!”

“When I started coming to Advanced Medical of Nashville I had the pain and the stabbing needles and the imbalance that Neuropathy causes. Due to these treatments, I no longer have balance problems! I do not fall down anymore. I can walk so much better and I can tell that slowly the pins and needles are going away. The thing that has really changed is I am no longer dependent on a walking stick and I don’t have to worry about falling down!”

P. Ingram

“I will be forever grateful to everyone here at Advanced Medical of Nashville. When I came here I was not sure if anything could be done to help me and I’ll admit, I was a little bit skeptical but was fortunately proven wrong. I now have my life back and feel like a normal person. Just wish that I had come in sooner!”

Gretchen C.

“I am so encouraged! After one treatment, my wrists have very little pain! I haven’t been able to stand with one foot in front of the other in more than a year. Today, I could with no assistance for several seconds. Amazing!! I am so encouraged! The future looks so bright. I praise God and am so thankful for the staff and their commitment to wellness for their patients!”

Marilyn K.

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