Supervised Weight Loss for Effective Results

Medically supervised weight loss

All of our medically supervised weight-loss center programs are safe, effective and proven. In fact, there is no safer or faster way to lose weight than under medical supervision

Fast, Effective, Easy Medical Weight Loss in Nashville TN.
No Surgery! No Injections!

  • NO Exercise!
  • NO Starving!
  • NO Artificial or Prepackaged Foods!
  • ALL NATURAL. No Surgery or Drugs!

Our reputation lies in our ability to have you lose weight fast- and keep it off.

At Advanced Medical of Nashville, you are not alone. Whether you want to lose 5 pounds or 205 pounds, if you’ve been struggling with a slow metabolism, we can help. This is NOT another diet program. It’s advanced science that is clinically proven to help you lose unhealthy body fat by getting a better metabolism!

Our patients achieve incredible results because their weight loss plans are medically tailored to fit their own bodies and goals. Call us for a free consultation.

Our program was developed by doctors and nutritionists through hours of research and clinical experience and follows the protocols for American Society of Bariatric Physicians and the National Institute for Health.

Our doctors believe in the combination of food choice, portion control, behavior modification and physical activity along with proven FDA approved medications, FDA approved body contouring lasers, and natural supplements that combine to suppress your appetite, give you energy and burn fat. The doctor-supervised program is safe and successful and most patients report no side effects.

Our doctors treat being overweight is a medical condition, making your chances of losing weight significantly higher using our program than attempting to do it on your own. Because weight loss is much more than only diet and exercise, it can be overwhelming without guidance and direction.

Many of our patients have failed multiple times when attempting to diet in the past, but succeed in our program. We have designed a weight loss plan for patients who have developed subconscious food cravings and were unsuccessful at reaching and maintaining ideal body weight using other weight loss systems.

Your feet are the base for the health of the spine

Schedule a Free Consultation at our Nashville weight loss center

The first step to our program is finding out if our program is right for you. We will do a physical exam, discuss your goals and discuss realistic expectations for what you can accomplish. If there is anything about the program that concerns you, then there is no obligation to agree; the consultation is absolutely free. However, if you are a good fit for our program, then we will help you get started. We will provide payment arrangements for any services that your insurance might not cover, and we offer flexible payment structures to get you started.

Regular in-Office Checkups and Consultations

You will come in once a week so we can monitor your health improvements, weight and fat loss progress through electronic pulses of energy that can distinguish fat, water and muscle in your body. We find out what percentage of your body weight is fat, so you can track the reduction in your body fat percentage as well.

You will also be able to talk to your physician about your progress on the program. We are happy to answer questions and give advice if you hit any setbacks. It is important for us to solve any issues as soon as possible so you can stay on track to your goal weight.

This program was designed by reputable doctors who have a lot of experience helping patients lose weight. Being overweight is a medical condition that we treat seriously. This is your opportunity to affordably lose weight quickly and safely, under a doctor’s supervision.