Advanced Chiropractic Treatment for Hand & Foot Pain

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Most people associate the chiropractor with back and neck pain. Hand and Foot adjustments are now very common. A large number of patients have had positive experiences with their arm and leg pain, sciatica and radiculopathy, being treated with chiropractic adjustments. Not too many people realize, though, that chiropractic treatment for shoulder, elbow, wrist and hand problems can be extraordinarily successful.

Shoulder and elbow problems like frozen shoulder, bursitis and tendonitis can all respond to proper diagnosis and treatment by an experienced chiropractor. The same is true with wrist and hand issues; carpal tunnel and arthritis are good examples of problems successfully treated by our chiropractor.

The leg joints including hips, knees, ankles and feet are all treated with excellent outcomes in our office. Whether it is hip pointers, knee stiffness and swelling or weak ankles, we may be able to help.

So, don’t give up hope yet for that chronic pain you are suffering from. Contact us for a free consultation.

Eradicating Pain in Feet & Hands

The Importance of Your Feet

Your feet are the base for the health of the spine

Your feet are the base for the health of the spine. If you have foot pain then your walking is affected which throws off the mechanics of the low back and can be the cause of chronic low back pain. Chronic neck pain is similar. It can be the direct result of poor mechanics of the shoulder and arm. Occupations like hair dressers and barbers, auto and truck mechanics, mail carriers, computer operators, telephone sales and those jobs requiring repetitive arm or leg movements are most likely to suffer chronic extremity problems.